The journey so far...

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

More waiting...

I met my surgeon today. Yay!

He wants me to have a stress test before surgery. Boo!

My file was sent to my insurance company. Yay!

But I didn't get a date for the surgery yet. Boo!

The surgeon thinks VSG surgery will be the best choice for me. Yay!

I also have to have some sort of swallowing test -- just when I thought I had finally finished all of that. Boo!

I was only up one pound -- either something magical happened or the surgeon's scales are EXTREMELY kind. Yay!

Dr. Surgeon said I just barely qualify for surgery based on my weight. Um. Boo? Yay? (Which leads me to ask: why did they have me lose five percent? What if I'd lost too much? Sheesh!)

So, now I wait to hear from the insurance company. Boo! Dr. Surgeon said it could be as soon as two days. His insurance staff said no way; it'll be at least a week. Double Boo!

My knee and back feel almost completely better! No new body parts are currently falling apart! Yay!

So, I guess that's it from this end. Oh, one more thing -- do any of you hang out on I asked a couple of questions there, some people there are not terribly supportive/welcoming, are they? Are they just rude to newbies, or is everyone fair game? Also? I was really angry to see some comments blaming the girl who died after her DS revision for her own death. "We told her so!" Hmm...self-righteous much?


Anonymous said...

That does not sound very helpful, eh? I have only been on there long enough to write a good review for my surgeon. I like BlogWorld.

Fangirl Says/Monica said...

Robyn, I'm finding the blogging community much more supportive and welcoming than obesityhelp seems to be. Just as well -- I'm not fond of forums in general.

Hope you're doing well! :)

~Lisa~ said...

I found those forums to be awful - very negative, rude and most unsupportive.. I stick with blog land.. We all understand that we're on the same journey and help eachother along the way - I just LOVE my blogging sisters!!

dede said...

WOW!!! Sounds like you are certainly getting closer! We love you here in blog land...and will support you the entire way!
Good luck with the insurance! I ended up self pay...but would do it again in a heartbeat already...and i don't get my first fill until tomorrow!!

Lee Ann said...

vertical sleeve talk is better than obesity help, i totally agree with you that OH can be nasty, like if, god forbid, you post a question in the wrong forum (gasp!). i have to say the same about weight watchers too unfortunately (from several years ago, not lately). and yay, i'm so happy for you and am crossing my fingers for insurance approval. aaaaand, i notice yo posted a picture on your signature! yay. nice to have a face, makes me feel like i know you more. :)