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Sunday, August 28, 2011

I have a date (and other news)!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 -- a new hope!

That's the day I'll have my sleeve surgery. I can hardly believe after all this time, I actually have a date. It's actually going to happen -- and so soon! The whole process has been wait, wait, wait, and now everything is HURRY!

I start my liquid diet this Wednesday, and oddly enough, I'm almost more worried about that than I am about the surgery itself. I've discovered that I kind of have this irrational fear of being hungry. Isn't that weird? Or maybe it's that I fear that I can't handle any sort of hunger. I don't know! All I know is, I'm stressing the next couple of weeks.

[On a related note, what are your favorite protein drinks?]

Tomorrow, I have to have a stress test and an Upper GI. I can't have anything by mouth after midnight, and I don't even check in until 12:55 p.m. It'll be suppertime before I can eat or even have water. I am sweating this, too! I'm drinking as much as I can this evening, and I'm thinking of setting my alarm for 11:45 to have a protein shake and more water. So, we'll see how that goes.

Meanwhile, I got some unexpected news this past week -- I have cataracts and need surgery. I'm 43, y'all! Why is my body falling apart already? They wanted to go ahead and do them both before my sleeve surgery, but man, I just didn't think I could deal with it. I scheduled the first one for two weeks after my sleeve, and the other one for two weeks after that. On the upside, after the cataracts are out, I won't need glasses anymore, which is nice.

That's about it from here. Hope you're all doing well. :)


Cat said...

Wooo!! Few things are as exciting as getting your date. So happy for you!

greenie said...

Yea! How exciting. I'm so jealous ;)

Sarah G said...

Yay for getting a date!

Amanda said...

Things are progessing well! People are loving the gotein, me not so much. I like just about none of the protein powders. But if I make one, I like most of the chocolates blended with milk and ice. Like a smoothie. I also love the chocolate Odwalla. I think it is soy based. I can't get it here..only in asheville so i freeze it. It is a little pricey but worth it in my opinion.

~Lisa~ said...

Whoooo Hoooooo for YOU!! I am sooo excited for YOU!!

When I drink shakes, I like Fusion Orange Cream, made with skim milk and ice!

Anonymous said...

You will stop 'falling apart" after Sept 14th. SO exc ited for you.

dede said...

CONGRATS ON THE DATE!!! How exciting!! I'm so happy for you! I have a similar goofy fear like your of hunger, except mine is a fear of not getting enough food. It's like I was starved as a child or something...which is the opposite of the truth!!! So I completely understand the irrational fear thing!! My favorite protein drink is vanilla cream muscle milk...premixed in the box. I have a bottle of banana cream I haven't tried yet...but I'll keep you posted!
So happy for you!!!