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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Review: Muscle Milk Light

A co-worker of mine who is working on gaining muscle definition sometimes drinks Muscle Milk, and I've been meaning to try it too, so I picked up a four-pack ready-to-drink in chocolate last night.

It's quite a bit more expensive than the EAS Advantedge Carb Control shakes I've been drinking, but it had a few less calories. And I expected it to taste great, given the cost.

WRONG! I've heard people describe certain protein drinks as tasting like monkey ass -- well, now I know what they mean. The taste was just awful. Yes, it's chocolate, but even a confirmed chocoholic like myself has to draw the line at chocolate-covered monkey ass. Yuck!

So, now I'm stuck with three containers of monkey ass.

This is why I hesitate to buy anything new without sampling it first. Which reminds me -- why don't health food stores, GNCs, etc., hold taste-testings so we'll know what we're getting before we invest $40 in a container of powdered monkey ass? The GNC person I spoke with yesterday tried to sell me some Wheybolic something-or-other. "If you don't like it, you can return it for up to 30 days," she said. Well, that's great, but I KNOW ME. I am the Queen of Procrastination, y'all. That carton of monkey ass would be sitting untouched in the back of my pantry for the next 11 years, before I finally get ashamed enough to throw it out.

*ahem* All righty, then. Today, I'm planning to hit up Wally World and see what they have, and hopefully also order a few samples (even if they are insanely overpriced) online.

Have a great one!


dede said...

Hi Fangirl,
I am scheduled for lap band surgery on July 7th...just under a week now!!! I'm so excited!! I've been on protein drinks for over a week surgeon requires a totally liquid diet 2 weeks pre-op in order to shrink the liver and get as much fat out of the way as he can since it's done laproscopically. I hope I've lost enough to make a difference during surgery! My heaviest weight was 267, and when I started the lap band process i was at 252, and now i'm at 237. My goal weight is 170...i would love to be under 200 one more time in my life!!!
I am drinking the muscle milk...but not the light...i am drinknig the regular and i love it! Hope you find one you can tolerate! Good luck!

Fangirl Says said...

Hey, Dede! Yay for having a surgery date! Two weeks total liquid diet sounds hellacious, I have to say.

I'll have to give regular Muscle Milk a try. What's your favorite flavor?